Lydia's Circle

In Lydia’s Circle, a group of women gather and share their sacred journeys with each other: the struggles and wounds along with the transformative moments. This Circle has the possibility of creating a gentle and safe space to freedom and growth through the recounting of and listening to each other’s narratives. More about Lydia’s Circle and . . . share your healing story

All About Us

The Franciscan Sisters of the Poor are women religious called to bring compassion, hope and healing to the community of life. We are from many countries and cultures yet we are one – in communion with each other and the Church and are especially united through our deep spirit of communal prayer.

We are an active/contemplative, religious community of women founded in 1845 by Blessed Frances Schervier, who was inspired by St. Francis of Assisi. She saw Christ in the poor and healed his wounds by caring for poor, suffering humanity. We are called to this same healing ministry today.
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Novena through the Intercession of Blessed Frances

From childhood, Frances Schervier had tender compassion and active charity toward the poor and the suffering.
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Litany to Blessed Frances Schervier

Lord have Mercy
Christ have Mercy
Lord have Mercy...

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